If you have taken the PSAT or an SAT test, then you already have a College Board account, and it’s a good idea to use Khan Academy to help you practice for your next PSAT/SAT test….Here are a couple of links to help you connect your Khan Academy account to your College Board account….the youtube link is a little lengthy but, worth watching because it helps you set up a testing schedule once you have the accounts linked!

Here are the links to find the paper practice tests for PSAT and SAT from College Board.

If you’ve taken an ACT test then ACT Academy is the go-to place to get FREE, personalized practice for the ACT. Go to to take your steps to a better ACT test score….this is also a resource if you haven’t taken an ACT yet! Either way you might want to check out the youtube video first

or check out the following ACT-Test-Prep-Practice-Test-User-Guide.pdf: MyACT Practice Test Creating a MyACT Account Getting Started